OVPR PLHC named ‘Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence’ (PRSE)

Earlier this year, the PLHC was awarded a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) designation from the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). The PLHC is one of only two organizations in the College of Liberal Arts to receive the designation. Each designee received funding for a graduate fellow that will facilitate the organization’s operations and research.

According to the OVPR:

“The Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) designation at Colorado State University was initiated in 1991 and this call builds on that 25 year history of recognition. Programs are awarded this designation because they have achieved great distinction and set a standard for excellence in research, teaching and service that may serve as a model for programs throughout the institution and externally.”

The OVPR also extended the PLHC the opportunity to compete for funding against other PRSE’s from across the university.

PLHC awarded competitive funding

The OVPR awarded the PLHC just under $100,000 to expand its capacity to undertake research projects. The PLHC was only one of five units to be awarded competitive funding.

With the award, the PLHC will hire a full-time program manager to expand its capacity to conduct research projects with partners like the National Park Service. The funding will also allow the PLHC to conduct strategic planning in order to secure its financial future. Finally, it will also create the possibility for the PLHC to expand its speaker series, the American West Program.

Find more information about this award in the SOURCE: http://source.colostate.edu/five-university-programs-receive-funding-greater-impact/