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Current Issue

"On the Trail" Volume 7, Autumn 2021

  • Featured Project: Telling O'odham Stories
  • 2020-2021 Collaborations in Review
  • Research Project Updates
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Nichelle Frank; Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Gus Rudnick; Graduate Student Spotlight: Natalie Stacker

Past Issues

"On the Trail" Volume 6, Autumn 2020

  • Featured Project: Mission 66 Era Resources of Yellowstone
  • 2019-2020 Collaborations in Review
  • Research Project Updates
  • Alumni Profile: Kylee Cole; Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Hailey Doucette; Graduate Student Spotlight: Leslie Moore

"On the Trail" Volume 5, Summer 2014

  • New Digital History and National Register Projects
  • Oral History Projects on the 2013 Colorado Flood and Irrigation in Montana
  • Grad Student Profile: Jordan Cooper

"On the Trail" Volume 4, Summer 2013

  • Featured: Historical Research Projects for Scotts Bluff National Monument
  • Western Water History Symposium Wrap Up
  • Parks as Portals to Learning in Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Grad Student Profile: Christy Dickinson

"On the Trail" Volume 3, Spring 2012

  • Featured Project: Cultural Resource Management at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
  • Water history projects
  • Fall 2012 events
  • Grad Student Profile: Nichelle Frank

"On the Trail" Volume 2, Spring 2011

  • Featured Project: Crossroads of Change: An Environmental History of Pecos National Historical Park
  • Ongoing Project Updates
  • History colloquium: "National Parks Beyond the Nation"
  • Grad Student Profile: Brandon Luedtke

"On the Trail" Volume 1, Spring 2010

  • Featured Project: People and Nature on the Mountaintop
  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS Internships
  • Ongoing Project Updates
  • National Parks in the International Context


  1. I am pleased that the Public Lands History Center webpage was linked to the CSU History newsletter and I enjoyed catching up with the History Department happenings. I would like to be added to the Public Lands History Center Newsletter. I would also like to be connected with Jared Orsi, as recommended by Dr. Mark Fiege. I have several current projects underway as I work to complete my Masters degree in Ag. Science: Integrated Resource Management.

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