Welcome to the PLHC Blog

The PLHC blog offers insight into public lands challenges pulled straight from the headlines and our newsfeeds. As our first post notes, “the past matters to public lands.” The blog offers authors and community members an online space to engage in respectful dialogue about the histories of our current public lands dilemmas. These posts demonstrate that we need knowledge about the past to inform our dialogue in the present.

The PLHC’s blog welcomes contributions from historians, professionals in historic preservation and cultural resource management, public lands managers, academics, and students ranging from high school to graduate school. We believe in doing history according to an inclusive model of shared authority that welcomes the thoughts and interpretations of a public that reaches beyond that of traditional academia.

Featured Posts

Find a complete list of the PLHC’s posts on the pull-down menu at the top of the page. Blog posts address a wide range of public lands topics, and we define public lands broadly. Past authors have tackled research questions related to National Parks, State Trust Lands, and even the urban forests that line city streets. The blog aims to address the wide range of public lands that exist at the national, state, and local levels.

Interested in contributing a post?

Authors for the PLHC blog follow guidelines for their posts about content, tone, and length. Posts should be written for an educated, but not expert, audience. Language should be clear, easy to follow, and professional in tone. Blog authors will employ a historical methodology, but may include interdisciplinary perspectives. Authors should strive for objectivity and fact-based analysis. Posts should be between 800-1,000 words, maximum. All posts are subjected to rigorous fact-checking and peer review.

Contact Ariel Schnee at aschnee@colostate.edu to pitch us your public lands story.